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Discover the new musical comedy that dares to imagine the dark side of the world's sunniest musical...

With two co-writers (Kimberly Ferse and Angela D. Mitchell) who performed the show ANNIE as children, the creation of ANGRY ANNIE as a work of musical theatre parody was probably always inevitable.

Kim and Angela have been working together as writers and artists since 2008, when they met Charles Strouse and Lin-Manuel Miranda at a Q&A event at the NYC Drama Bookshop in September, 2008. Both playwrights and lyricists, as well as former musical theatre performers, they had already shared a deep love for songs as storytelling, and for emotions so huge they could only be expressed when sung, and the event sparked their commitment to work together in earnest.

Inspired by the idea of an affectionate parody of the show they'd always loved (an idea that refused to go away), by 2018 Kim and Angela began to work together on a series of projects led by ANGRY ANNIE: AN ORPHAN'S REVENGE, a potential “alternate universe” parody exploring a reality in which Warbucks returned Annie on the very first day, changing both of their destinies forever.

In 2019, as the first draft of ANGRY ANNIE reached fruition, they brought acclaimed composer Phil Hinton onto the team, and Phil’s music added the final vital component to the team’s work, with melodies that were both complex and accessible.

In June 2019, ANGRY ANNIE (just completed in its first rendition as a full work) was chosen as a finalist in consideration for Seattle’s ANNEX THEATRE and its upcoming mainstage season, and Kim and Angela participated in a live presentation to the Annex’s production leaders as the next step toward potential production. While the show ultimately wasn’t chosen for production, the feedback and experience gave them invaluable insights into strengthening the show, and the team worked for the next 6-9 months to further evolve the show while preparing it for further presentation.

After this continued development by the creative team, Richard Caliban of The Playwrights Group is now hosting a sneak peek at this exciting new show in progress! ANGRY ANNIE's creative team is delighted to present a formal table read preview of ANGRY ANNIE: AN ORPHAN'S REVENGE on Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST).

Attending this world premiere online performance is easy—just click the event hyperlink (found here) to open up Zoom and enter the online meeting space! Meanwhile, for questions about the Zoom reading, please e-mail!

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